Words can vary in meanings.  Epic, literally and worst-thing-ever have different connotations depending on your preference.  The meaning of many words will continue to evolve.  So will the evolution of how we interact online.  But the word social doesn't have this problem of re-interpretation. Social is broad, far-reaching and covers a lot of ground.  Basically all your interactions could be deemed social. But the specific nuances of your social media campaign can set you apart.  What makes a potential client interact with you? More pressing, with your brand?  Answering that question will take work and it literally takes a plan (read more...)

Of course content is king.     There's no way around that.  Something else you can't ignore: the only way to find out what content is important to your client is by listening to them.  If you don't have customers, (try this list of 66 demographics to pick your customer profile).  The content you need to produce and procure is precisely the content that engages and reminds these customers why you are so damn important to them. So listen often. Listen proactively. Pick up on those bits that cross over to you and your business.  What are they reading? Where do they go?  What other brands do they identify themselves with and identify themselves by?  What people, what "stuff" and brands do you have in common with potential clients?


Developing content is work.  Developing the plan to deliver your content is also work.  It will take a few tries and a few mistakes until you develop a plan that works for you.  The great part of social media, though, is when you fail, and fail miserably, by definition no one sees it.  So keep plugging away.  As they say, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  How to plan to not fail covered next week...