A good craftsman never blame his tools.  True only because a good craftsman knows what the right tool is for the job at hand.  Same goes for these digital tools.  They are some of the most efficient out there. It's up to you to decide how and when to use them.  Curated by some of Austin's finest freelancers at our Network Catalyst meetings here's the top 20...

Time & Project Management

ToDoist  - What are you doing? Manage tasks and projects from anywhere

Things  - Really...what are you going to do? Intuitive task management application

Toggl - What'd you do today? Time tracking software; great for keeping track of billable hours

YouCanBook.me - When can you meet? Tired of emailing back and forth to set a time to meet?  This handy tool syncs to your calendar to let others book a meeting based on your availability.

Sunrise  - What's you calendar(s) look like?  Consolidate them all into one using Sunrise

Evernote - Where is that again? Grandaddy of project sharing and note taking

Asana - Do I do that? Widely revered and used team project management software 

Wunderlist Would you do that? Shareable to-do lists, very handy 

Slack  You don't say? A widely used and hugely popular messaging app for teams

Invision App   Will it work?  Prototyping and design platform

Trello - What's next? Easy to use workflow and project management system; place the cards in proper order



Squarespace What do you do? Your website says a lot (about you to others)

Sidekick Did they open it? Email tracking sofftware

Nimble Who you gonna call?  Or text or tweet or like or email or....  Social media enabled CRM

Insightly No free lunch?  Best free CRM..



Expensify That was how much? Expense tracking that doesn't suck

You Need a Budget (YNAB)  Do you? Here's a personal finance tracker

Freshbooks Accounting is hard.

Cash.me Where do I send the check?  Here, 

Paypal Or send it here...