How will you connect your potential?



Start your workday with wi-fi check-in and your choice of desk or  place to meet.  Our rooms and spaces are designed with the flexibility to meet with others or to simply to have some quiet time to get your work done. Members interact through social and networking events, meetings, and good old-fashioned kismet.



When it's time to get together, go to a place designed for creativity and teamwork. Do away with all the typical distractions so you can focus on the performance of your team. Get on the same wavelength by setting clear goals and deliverables and relax as we take care of the rest. 



Bringing a big group together for lively interaction? Atmosphere will help to ensure your offsite is a smashing success. Our modular design allows you to set things up just right. Workshop, conference, or party-we've got you covered.


Team Building

Team building activities are a challenge to get just right. In order to work better together, your team must learn to communicate in new ways. Some of Austin's finest have crafted engaging and thoughtful workshops and activities for your team to build new perspectives of understanding.  


Nice words about Atmosphere

We pride ourselves on delivering an excellent experience at every touchpoint, and a few of our friends think we're doing just that. Here are a few nice things that the people who work in our space have to say about the community at Atmosphere.


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