About Atmosphere


We care about culture. And we care about your team. How can we work together to help small teams grow, establish their culture, and thrive in every way? That’s what we’re on a mission to achieve at Atmosphere.

Whether your growing team needs a workspace during a transition or a more permanent home, we’d like to invite you in. Already have a workspace but just need a place to meet offsite? We’ve got meeting rooms that will do the trick. Or if you’re in need of intentional culture-building, our team experiences will create space for your team to connect, grow in communication, and have fun together.

Our passion is to support small teams as they do their best work possible. Let’s work together!


From the Founder: Trent Sultemeier


An Austin native, I've worked for many of the companies that enabled our city to evolve from a burgeoning startup community to a full-fledged technology hub. I've found that almost all the  individuals I work with share a common desire for positive interactions and enjoy helping push their team forward. But many companies view the culture that drives these team dynamics as an afterthought, instead of the precious resource it is.

I want to help companies in Austin mindfully create cultures to attract great talent and grow our city. I'm continuing to learn ways to help businesses communicate more effectively. I'm focused on helping to create an environment to help organizations explore their meaning and improve how they connect at work.


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