Graphical Meeting Recordings

We are hard-wired to absorb and understand images quicker than text or audio information so it’s no surprise that using visuals during meetings increases conceptual and creative output.  
If you want your meetings to have a different result, you should have a different kind of meeting. Graphical consultants bring a deeper level of understanding to your business concepts. Capturing your interactions in this visual way helps bridge communication barriers and acknowledges everyone’s point of view. Whether it’s journey mapping, strategic planning or a product launch, graphical recording helps your team understand the “big picture.” 


Graphical Meeting Notes.jpg

Graphic recording will:

  • Encourage strategic thinking
  • Clarify and graphically depict strategies
  • Inform and involve organizations in real time strategic change
  • Develop company and departmental vision statements
  • Deepen understanding by encouraging big picture thinking
  • Get buy-in and transparency
  • Draw out the best from individuals and teams
  • Capture a rich picture of conferences and events
  • Have a group memory that can be used to tell the story of the event to those who were not present

It’s a collaborative process before, during, and after a meeting to ensure the graphics are well integrated with the meeting objectives. Book a graphical artist for your next meeting at Atmosphere.

This experience encourages: strategic thinking, transparency, communication
Pricing: Starts at $495