Songwriting with BuildSong

Your Team. Their Song.

Watch your team become Rock Stars for a day!  Work with a top music producer to write and record an original song.  In this unique, half-day workshop, even people without any music experience come together to push beyond what they believe they can do - into a state of performance they never dreamed possible.

Sessions are held on-site at Atmosphere with specially curated instruments and equipment. The result is a professionally recorded, original song co-written by everyone present.  If the team wants an 80's rock anthem, it's up to them!  They want reggae?  We'll do it.

By the end of the session your team will have composed and recorded an original song unique to them and their sensibilities.  Listen later and watch the memories of shared creativity come alive!

  • Collaboratively write and record an original song
  • Team directs lyrics and music genre and creative choices
  • Members of the team have the option of performing on the recording or not
  • Your team has input on all phases of production

This experience encourages: creativity, collaboration
Pricing: Starts at $750
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“The BuildSong Session is pure genius. Never before have I felt a greater sense of collaboration in a group setting. It was fun, enjoyable and best of all we have a song that we created at the end to share with the world!” -Michael Lim Filmmaker/Festival Director “Sing”apore