Painting with The Dirty Easel

Creative Team Building to Drive Innovation with The Dirty Easel


How will your organization thrive while the world around you is changing in an ever faster pace? Learn to use the full creative potential of your team to fight disruption.

The Dirty Easel is a creative source for people and organizations that want to develop an innovative team culture. In creative team building workshops employees and leaders explore techniques to be more creative and enhance team spirit through painting. While painting the team experiences how the creative process works and how to apply it to the work they do. Teams learn to collaborate creatively and how to grow into innovative teams.  

Fight mediocrity with a paint brush!

No form of art is simpler than putting brush to canvas — we all can do it, but many adults no longer believe they are creative.

Our programs are successful because we combine years of artistic and creative experience with the latest results from the neuroscience research on creativity and play-based learning. We apply those scientific research results to the activities to make your teams work more productively. Painting is an ideal tool to open the mind to unconventional ideas and to develop the courage to realize them. Watch a video to see our creative team building in action! No previous painting experience required.

Build a culture that values, nurtures, and rewards creative solutions.

This experience encourages: creativity, connection, collaboration
Pricing: Starts at $800 per team

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