Introducing: CoBoss


A collaborative personal development program.


What if you could achieve your next major breakthrough in 10 weeks?

What if you had a support system around you to help you break through the challenges you encounter?

Why try to figure it all out yourself? Grow your business and tackle all of your biggest challenges alongside others doing the same.


What is it?

CoBoss is a professional development program that’s powered by you and everyone else who participates.


1.     It starts with a personal evaluation, so you can identify exactly where you’re at and where you want to go.

2.    Then, you’ll join for a big group meeting to brainstorm and set goals together.

3.    From there, you’ll form a team of 3 to 6 people who will meet more regularly to check in on progress and troubleshoot as challenges arise.

4.    We’ll be providing programming throughout to help you along your journey! You can also offer your own programming to support others!

5.    It all culminates in a Demo Day on Friday, March 23. This is a day where you’ll have a chance to show off your progress—or the lessons you learned from the challenges you encountered!

6.    Either way, we’ll celebrate—then we’ll refocus for the next season. After this is all done, you should be in a great spot to take another step. We’ll plan to reset and repeat the process for the next season!


How do I participate?

1.     RSVP for our kickoff event on Friday, January 12 at 2:00pm. It’s free for all to attend! Details HERE.

2.    From there, participation is included in all levels of membership. Learn more about membership options HERE.


Got questions?

We’ve got answers! Contact us at to learn more!


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