Three Good Reasons

Coworking has become a buzz-word in the business world, but common as it may be, we don't spend enough time talking about the benefits of becoming a member. So here we are with three good reasons why you should invest in a coworking membership (preferably at Atmosphere): 

1) Fight Isolation

Have you ever sat in a crowded coffee shop full of people on devices, looking around to see if any of them will catch your gaze and return your eye contact? It's a strange situation in which you can be completely surrounded by other humans and simultaneously completely isolated. Even if you've convinced yourself that doing the coffee-shop-hop every day of the week is the best way to work, you may still be facing isolation. At Atmosphere, members interact throughout the day while grabbing coffee or at our weekly events like Waffle Wednesday. You'll actually get to know the people surrounding you in your workspace, and eventually, you'll realize you've become an integral part of a thriving community based on mutual respect. Plus, we have faster wifi than most coffee shops!


2) Make the Right Connection

Networking, schmetworking, yeah, yeah. Some people just see networking as a professional term for schmoozing. But at Atmosphere, we actually see our workspace as the perfect place to build meaningful and lasting connections that don't feel exchange-based. See, once you've built a professional friendship with a workspace peer, it becomes much more seamless to convince them to collaborate on a project, or to win their business as a client. We're proud of the fact that our members have made real connections while coworking at Atmosphere that have had seriously positive impacts on their businesses. New projects and business relationships have emerged and grown, and we think that's an incredibly compelling reason to invest in a membership. (Because you're really just investing in yourself and your network!)


3) Increase Productivity

"Look good, feel good." 
"Dress for the job you want, not the one you have."
"The hardest part is showing up."

Cheesy as those phrases may be, they're true. Something happens in our brains when we create a space in our lives that is dedicated to productive work and maintaining focus. When we separate work and home by physically going to a workspace, we create a signal to our brains that "it's time to get down to business." Just like ditching the pajama pants while working from home makes focusing easier, trading your home office for a dedicated workspace trains your mind for productivity. By showing up to Atmosphere, you've already won the workday, and productivity will flow more easily. And for the days focus is harder to find, we've got an endless supply of coffee to get you through!


Post by Melissa Huisman

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