One Year of Atmosphere: A Reflection

As 2018 rolls in, it’s a great time to reflect on a few highlights from the past year here at Atmosphere. Starting with a small team, we’ve grown our group of digital creatives, local businesses and remote workers into a more cohesive and vibrant community with each passing season. While our workspace community steadily expands, we’ve also discovered Atmosphere is a great place to host all types of events and gatherings - ideation meetings, workshops, conferences, art shows, spirited parties and more.

Even before officially opening our doors, we had a burgeoning community in the form of a mastermind group of entrepreneurs called Network Catalyst. Meeting weekly over tacos at Juan in a Million, we discussed ongoing issues on how to market and grow our business, best practices for habits and routines, current events and more. This was a great platform to bounce around ideas, learn about the needs of other entrepreneurs and it also set the tone for open communication and connection among members.

One of our first members was Jason, a recent Brooklyn transplant and UX designer. Upon arrival, he quickly saw how open the Austin design community was to collaboration. In addition to working his day job, Jason started a group called Design House. With the help of others he met at Atmosphere, we teamed up to host UX workshops for the Austin design community throughout 2017.

Another member, Ashland, was already focused on community building before becoming a member. Her business (and passion) is to help elevate freelancers starting out and connect them with like-minded people (nice synergy, right?). With Atmosphere serving as her home base, she expanded her group to a full-fledged 3 day conference with over 100 attendees that we hosted right here in our space.

There were dozens of stories of connection in Atmosphere 2017. In addition to fostering a daily productive work environment, members hosted everything from interviews, quarterly reviews and client meetings to card games, company parties, and happy hours. The flexibility and diversity here is one of our greatest strengths and I look forward to continuing to discover great ways to balance daily productivity with bringing people together for greater connection in 2018.


Post by Trent Sultemeier