Member Interview: Alfred of Landmass Goods

Landmass Goods team working at Atmosphere

Landmass Goods team working at Atmosphere

Alfred, right, has been a member at Atmosphere from the beginning

Alfred, right, has been a member at Atmosphere from the beginning

Alfred Megally is the founder of Landmass Goods. He parlayed his love of travel into building a company that designs and sells specialized maps and travel goods. He and his team continue to evolve and grow Landmass, implementing new products and processes to inspire and encourage others to connect with their wanderlust for travel. Alfred has been a member since the founding of Atmosphere and we recently sat down to talk about how he utilizes the space for his team.

What are some of your favorite things about being a member at Atmosphere?

It's very modular here. We have a consistent way to work without long term commitment and without being constrained by the physical environment. We've grown the team over the last year and having a flexible place to work with all the necessary resources to get things done is great. There's also a better social environment than I could provide in a small isolated office. It frees me up to concentrate on what's important while keeping everyone focused and happy.

 Are there any specific resources or features at Atmosphere that have come in handy?

I've recently recruited and hired new team members. I reserved the meeting rooms for the interviews which made meeting up in a private place where we could speak comfortably very easy. All the interviewees were impressed with the natural light, high ceilings and the blend of professional and casual here. It's a place they could all envision working so that was helpful in landing just right the team members because people want to be here.

Do you have any work/life philosophies that you adhere to?

I like to separate my home and work life. The house is a safe spot where I typically don't associate work. It's a place where I can relax and recharge. There are so many other interesting conversations to have and things to think about. I've got varied interests and I find unplugging for a bit helps me to gain creative insights when I'm back to focusing on work.

What are some of your favorite places to go nearby Atmosphere?

I live close by and typically will ride my bike here. We had a guest in for a team training last week and we all went to Bento Picnic. Healthy, great tasting food and there's a nice yard to sit at when the weather is nice. Vegan Nom and Juiceland just down the road are great. We also like walking over to Veracruz tacos. Their tacos are always a treat. Yes, let me reiterate we really like Veracruz.


Interview + Post by Trent Sultemeier

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