Our Non-Generic Core Values That Are Actually Worth Reading

You know the feeling of walking into a place and it just feels right? It’s usually a culmination of a few factors, including the “vibe” or a similarly inexplicable thing. At Atmosphere, many of our members decide to work here because of that feeling.  But what exactly is "it" that makes Atmosphere special? How do we describe it? More importantly, how do we ensure prospective members have a clear expectation on what we’re about and know if it’s right for them as well? It’s not the layout or look of the space that makes us unique (though it’s quite nice), but it’s how members talk to each other and the small, daily interactions that comprise the vibe here.

Small Things Create Atmosphere

These "small things" interactions are described by our core values. These are the ways we interact with each other. It’s how we decide if someone is a good fit for the workspace. These aren’t for everyone.  But they are what makes Atmosphere, Atmosphere:

We believe in saying hello by name

We’re not strangers –– we’re coworkers, and we want to act like it. We want to feel known and welcome, and greeting each other warmly each morning makes all the difference. After all, we want this to be a comfortable place for everyone in our atmosphere.

We believe in creating a productive work environment

We are all here to work. We want to maintain a positive, focused work energy. We can and do feed off the energy of others in this space. We believe in being engaged in our work while not a distraction for others.

We believe in BYOT: bring-your-own-topping

We encourage taking ownership for the well-being of Atmosphere. This looks like bringing a topping to share for Waffle Wednesday, making that next pot of coffee, or rinsing your plate. We always try to leave things a little better than we found them.

We believe in connection without expectation

We know we’re better together, and we need each other to get where we’re going. Maybe we offer a pro-tip to a coworker struggling with a simple challenge, or we make a professional email intro on another’s behalf. We believe powerful things can happen when we help each other without expectation of personal gain.

We believe in starting somewhere small today

We understand that big achievements are made up of lots of small, consistent steps forward. Showing up every day is half the battle, and we believe in doing what we can do today, no matter how big or small. We like to see our dreams unfold over time as we show up every day, just starting where we are.

These values aren’t written in stone. Values are a living and working description of our current culture. Similar to a person’s changing sensibilities, experience and time will change us. With the addition of new members and new challenges, we will return to reassess these values and ensure they accurately describe how we interact with each other here at Atmosphere. We look forward to growing and changing along with our members.