29 Questions to Spark Your Meeting

“If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers.”
― Thomas Pynchon, Gravity's Rainbow

There are so many questions about your business. You could take a day, a week or an entire month and do little else but devise questions relevant to your business. At the heart of it, it doesn't matter if it's a relevant question. It's whether it's an important question. A relevant but thoughtless question can bog down your precious thought resources and keep you from the important task at hand. Asking the right question about your business dictates finding answers that are important to your mission, revenue and goals. Next time you're meeting with colleagues, ask the questions that will help your team progress, finish a project or improve a process. Here are a few: 

1. What can we automate?
2. What can we outsource?
3. What could our competition do tomorrow to land more customers?
4. What is our position in the competitive landscape?
5. What is our minimum viable product?
6. What's the first thing a genius would change about our business?
7. Do we know our customers better than Facebook? Do we know them differently than Facebook?
8. How do we make money while we're sleeping?
9. What's the one thing we can do that by doing it everything else
will be easier or unnecessary?
10. What are the top 3 specific things that makes someone decide to be our customer?
11. What's the first thing people say about our company when we're not there?
12. What has changed the most about our industry in the last five years? How has that affected us?
13. How do we use social media to promote your business?
14. What type of partner would help our business most?
15. How do we define our brand?
16. What's our most effective business development technique in the past six months? Least effective?
17. What's the driving force behind our business or why do we do what we do?
18. What's a scenario where our business doubles?
19. What business process has challenged us most?
20. What company do we most aspire to be like? One we don't want to be like?
21. What's the most unexpected thing to happen to our business in the last year?
22. What skills could we develop to help our business most?
23. What's the most important relationship we have? How did we meet?
24. What factors create uncertainty for our business? What factors are important for certainty?
25. What could change about our industry in the next five years that would greatly impact us?
26. What's our favorite business story we tell?
27. What's the next big thing in our industry?
28. What's a failure we have learned from?
29. What's the most important decision we made in the last year?

2 Bonus Prospect Questions:

30. What does success on this project mean to you?
31. How does that fit into your budget & expectation?


Post by Trent Sultemeier

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