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Noah Lee

Sock Club

"Atmosphere provided a critical experience for the Sock Club team during a pivotal time of change. Due to some extenuating circumstances we found ourselves needing a temporary space for our 15 employees. The welcoming ecosystem enabled our team to grow, create, and focus on our goals." 
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Steve Kahle

White Lion

"What stands out most to me about Atmosphere is the clean design and feel of the workspace AND the great group of people to rub shoulders with.  A real bonus is all of the lunch and dinner options that are all in walking distance." 
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Brandi Harrison

TypeJar Studio

"Atmosphere is my working home-away-from-home. I love that I’m able to come in once a week to visit, bounce ideas off other members and work alongside some really driven, approachable people. This space is more than a desk with an outlet—It’s my place to think, create, collaborate, and have some really great conversations." 
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