What we provide

Why Atmo

At Atmo, we understand the challenge of providing a great environment for your team to work comfortably and productive. And we’re much more than just a provider of space - we offer an all-inclusive work experience customized to your unique workflow and processes. We work with your company to create a home suited to your culture and support the best processes for your team.



Culture Matters

We are driven by the idea that we can create the workplaces and companies we’ve always wanted to be. It’s not just aspirational: we help companies tackle their long-term business goals with culture support, working with you to make your environment uniquely yours.

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We support growing teams

The growth stage is a critical time for teams, and we are honored to get to be a part of it. Whether you’re nurturing a team for the first time, a seasoned veteran, or just spearheading a satellite location, we’d love to support your growth.



Feels like home

Unique space and the charm of East Austin makes Atmosphere feel more like home than an office space. We are excited to welcome you in the front door to your new home base.



Always local, never corporate

We are Austin-born and bred, and proud to be independently owned and managed. With us, you’ll never have to deal with stuff corporate policies, but instead, you’ll be greeted every time with a personal touch. We love Austin, and we’re glad you’re here too!



Small things create Atmosphere

The details make the difference, and we know that you’ll feel the small things day in and day out. The environment we foster is intentional, as we aim to support you in your productivity and work.


A Few Nice Words About Working at Atmo


"Atmosphere provided a critical experience for the Sock Club team during a pivotal time of change. Due to some extenuating circumstances we found ourselves needing a new home for our 15 employees. The welcoming ecosystem enabled our team to grow, create, and focus on our goals." 

–– Noah Lee, Sock Club