Workspaces for small teams

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Atmosphere is the perfect space for a growing team to find their home. We offer spaces for teams of varying sizes, from 6 to 25 people, depending on your teams needs. Included with every team area is access to the community kitchen and common spaces, including meeting rooms and lobby areas.




+ Modern industrial space + furniture
+ In the heart of the E. Cesar Chavez District
+ Walking distance to local eateries
+ Coffee, tea, snacks + beer available

+ Full-color printing + mail services available
+ Stunning natural light + open floor plan
+ Modular setup options for 4-25 people
+ Complimentary onsite parking available



We offer five distinct team areas ranging in seating capacity from 6 to 25 people, each with unique characteristics and features. Scroll for more details on each space.



This space is ideal for teams of 10-25 people. With modular furniture and the flexibility of a wide open space, plus first-floor access to the community kitchen, your team will feel comfortable in Area One. This is the only team area on the first floor, so your team will enjoy exclusivity and privacy without interruptions.

This area will be available to rent beginning November 2019. Get in touch for more info and to book a tour of the space. We can’t wait to meet you!



This space is ideal for teams of 6-15 people. Located in the second-floor balcony, this area overlooks the entire common area and boasts gorgeous natural light, making it one of the most airy and bright spaces at Atmosphere. Being tucked away in a separate upstairs nook gives this area a private feel while still being part of the community space.

This area is currently unavailable



This space is ideal for teams of 6-20 people. Secluded and cozy, this space is tucked into the back nook of the second floor and offers ample distance from the common areas to provide a perfect productive haven. With windows to let in just enough natural light plus dividers between the upstairs walkway, your team will be able to focus while still feeling connected to the other upstairs areas.

This area is currently unavailable



This space is ideal for teams of 6-10 people. The only team space with a private door, this area is just right if your team needs total privacy and exclusive space. Keep the door open to feel connected to the community, or close it when you need to knock stuff out. This area can also be added-on to Area Three as a combined space.

This area is currently unavailable



This space is ideal for teams of 6-10 people. Located right in the middle of the back balcony on the second floor, this space is perfect for teams who want to feel integrated in the community. Enclosed enough to feel private, while still being in the middle of the action, this area is great for a small team looking for a cozy home.

This area is currently unavailable


A Few Nice Words About Working at Atmosphere


"Atmosphere provided a critical experience for the Sock Club team during a pivotal time of change. Due to some extenuating circumstances we found ourselves needing a new home for our 15 employees. The welcoming ecosystem enabled our team to grow, create, and focus on our goals." 

–– Noah Lee, Sock Club