Workspaces for small teams

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Working from your house or coffee shop can be both unproductive and lonely. Elevate your workday in a place designed to help you to focus on your business and connect with your peers. Find a quiet corner to focus, collaborate with others, learn a new skill, or socialize with peers. Coffee, conversations and "accelerated serendipity" are all part of Atmosphere.


Looking to get out your cramped quarters and set your team up in style? Send the signal to clients, partners and employees that you mean business. Grow your team on your own schedule with our modular & scalable team solutions. We'll have you up and running so you can concentrate on what you do best.

Emergent Organizations

The new workforce of digital creatives demands the flexibility to work remotely. But how do you bring your team together for much needed face-to-face interaction without the cost and maintenance of a typically underutilized office? Atmosphere's flexible options helps you use only the time and space needed to maximize your team's interactions.


Modern industrial space + furniture


Coffee, tea, snacks and beer available

Fast Wifi

In the heart of the East Cesar Chavez District


Full-color printing + mail services available


Walking distance to local eateries


Stunning natural light and open floor plan


Inclusive and supportive community


Waffle Wednesday and weekly happy hours


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Nice words about Atmosphere

We pride ourselves on delivering an excellent experience at every touchpoint, and a few of our friends think we're doing just that. Here are a few nice things that the people who work in our space have to say about the community at Atmosphere.


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